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Our Latest Blog

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trishul Products - Up-cycled Jeans Bags and Accessories

Donates your Purani Jeans or Jeans that does not fit or that has gone out of fashion.

Team - Trishul Women Empowerment Program (TWEP) up-cycles these jeans to make lovely Bags, Pouches and other accessories. Help our Women Empowerment Program.

Click here for our contact details

Monday, December 11, 2017

CSR and ISR - M.K. Printpack Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Individual Social Responsibility Program M.K. Printpack Pvt. Ltd. and its employees.

Employees of M. K. Printpack took initiative and collected clothes and purchased few Compass Boxes, Stationery etc to be distributed to Children and Women at Trishul NGO. 

Certificate of appreciation awarded to Team M.K. Printpack Pvt. Ltd. for helping Children and Women part of Trishul Learning Centre and Trishul Women Empowerment Program

Clothes distribution and sharing photos

Monday, November 6, 2017

Childrens Day - Toys Collection Drive and Childrens Celebration

Toys and Storybooks Collection Drive

Beneficiaries of the Drive are children from the economically underprivileged background.  

What: FREE, “Trishul Toys and Storybooks Library” for children.

To be distributed among children to mark occasion of Children's Day, we will also be having a children's day celebration on the same day.                      

Donate Toys, Board Games, Story Books, Art, and Craft Material. (New and Old Ones in Good usable condition), or donation to buy the above items. 

Preferably games / toys for outdoors like (Badminton Racket and Shuttle, Cricket Bat, Football, Frisbee,  Kitchens play sets for small girls, Throwing Ring, Dolls, etc)

Kindly share with your friends and society.

All Donors will be given Certificate of Appreciation for their contribution towards supporting the drive.

All donors who are contributing money will also get a 80G Certificate Receipt.

When: We are inaugurating the library on Monday, November 19th, 2017 (Sunday), time 5 pm to 7 pm.


The venue for inauguration/ donation: 31/4 Aaram Nagar Part 1, (Trishul Women Empowerment Program - TWEP), Old Fisheries Road, After Versova Welfare School Ground.

Library address: “Trishul Learning Centre”, Above Baba Cycle, Joseph Patel Wadi, Near Aram Nagar Part I. (Just 150 meters away from TWEP)

Host: Trishul (NGO), a 20-year-old registered charitable organization working towards building self-sustainable communities through skill development, education and livelihood programs in urban slums and economically weak rural villages in India. Core programs focus on empowering Women through skill development and livelihood generation; and empowering children’s through holistic education.

Connect with us at info@trishul-ngo.org / 9619182010 / www.trishul-ngo.org 

Volunteer for Trishul (NGO) - Click here

Location map of Trishul (NGO) - TWEP Program site. (Map to reach inauguration location)

Friday, September 15, 2017

The world is full of wonderful unique stories

I always wonder how people openly share their stories. The world is full of stories but its still wonderful to know that each one is unique. I think communication has that power to reach out and influence. I joined Trishul through a survey and the simple and the most important thing that I got here is lots of friends. Friends that are my family and work is so much fun with them. I think the entire idea of togetherness lies in walking together even if that is slow. We grow each day together and even if we fall we fall together. I see modern friendships with no attachments and commitments. We barely are together except on the social media and photographs that make us popular. Friendship is when you can cry together on a dark night and smile on a beautiful morning.

Interviewed and edited by: Anushree Gaigore (an intern at Trishul NGO)

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