Friday, June 9, 2017

universe loves the believer

The universe loves the believer, the one who is unstoppable, who thinks beyond existence and has faith. I believe that "what we think we are." I came to Mumbai after getting married and had a joint family. Overtime personal issues began to rise and we had to separate out. I love doing creative things and wanted to pursue my passion. One day few people from Trishul came for survey and employing women in empowerment events. I enrolled in their program in hope to indulge myself into certain activities and get exposure. I like to talk and meet new people each day. Here in Trishul, I have made so many friends and it's such a great feeling. I really look forward to my children and want to give them all I couldn't have. The special moment of my life was when I worked for Designer Anita Dongre and my husband recognized my work. Life feels happy and satisfied now.