Friday, October 29, 2010

Trishul Live Projects

Live Projects:

1) Health and Hygiene under BMC (Mumbai), India (Datak Vasti Project (Slum Adoption). Since last 6 years at Localities in Andheri West, Versova, 7 Bunglows and Yari Road.
(A total of seven localities adopted by us in this project).

2) Angan Wadi Project (Education for Slum Children) (In pipeline)

3) Health Checkup Camps

4) Awareness regarding precautions against spread of diseases like malaria, dengue

5) Donated Garbage bins at Sunderwadi

6) Cleanliness drive along with BMC and Shri Bala Ambrekar (Corporator and Adhkysah of Prabhat Samiti K-West Ward, Mumbai) at Joseph Patel Wadi Yari Road, Mumbai.