Friday, October 26, 2012

About Trishul

Trishul is a registered charitable organisation working in all directions towards cause of Humans and Environment for almost two decades. '


To be the most cherished NGO working for building  self sustainable Communities for Slum and Economically backward Rural Villages (Health, Hygiene, Environment, Education and Entrepreneurship)


Trishul supports and works with economically weaker sections of the society and our mission is to:

Ensuring Health and Hygiene for at Slum Communities

Training and Empowerment of Children and Women from slum

Empowerment of Women Artist specializing in Art and Handicraft

Environment Waste Recycle and Up cycle

Create awareness and prepare Citizens for Disaster Management 

Few of Trishul Projects

Trishul Learning Center (TLC)

Free education for Slum and Less-privileged children helping them to be more: self aware,  capable, responsible, independent and confident citizens.

We use informal and fun based, interactive experiential learning methodology at our Learning Center. 

Learning Center Scope

1) Value Education. (Life skills and being a responsible Citizens)

2) Environment Conservation.
3) Physical Education. (Healthy body, healthy mind)
4) Mathematics and Science (Help in improving Logical and Analytical skills)
5) Communication Skills.  (Listening, Reading, Writing, Discussing)
6) Creativity and Imagination (Art, Craft and Construction).
7) Problem Solving Skills.
      (Developing Scientific Attitude using construction and other basic laboratory tools).

8) Computer Education (Awareness and working knowledge).
9) Disaster Management (Awareness and Preparedness).
10)Team work and Leadership.
11) Spiritual awareness (Self Awareness workshops).
12) Basic entrepreneur skills.

Free Toy and Story book library for kids coming to Trishul Learning Center.

Women Empowerment Project

Training Women from economically weaker section of society in different Art and Craft form and help them get become economically independent.

Supporting Women’s Artist / Entrepreneurs generating revenue by helping them in generating business opportunities.  

Dattak Vasti Scheme

We are working with the BMC since past 10 years, where we have adopted different slums under “Dattak Vasti Scheme”.

Initially we worked in Gilbert Hill.  Since 2006 we have adopted seven slums in and around Yari Road, Andheri West under “Dattak Vasti”.

Environment Conservation Projects

Trishul in involved in small environment awareness campaigns educating the youth and rural India. We support projects like waste recycle, waste up cycle, tree plantation etc.

Cleanliness drive along with BMC

Cleanliness drive along with BMC and (Local Corporator and Adhkysah of Prabhat Samiti K-West Ward, Mumbai) at Joseph Patel Wadi Yari Road, Mumbai.

Free Medical Checkup Camps

Free health check-up camps, Cancer detection camps, Eye Check Camps, etc in different slums like Gilbert Hill (Andheri West), Joseph Patel Wadi (Yari Road), Nehru Nagar (Vileparle) etc. 

Health and Hygiene in slums
Awareness regarding precautions against spread of diseases like malaria, dengue etc.
Donated Garbage bins at Sunderwadi

Balwadi and Toy Library
We had also operated Balwadi and Toy Library at Nehru Nagar.  

Disaster Management

Creating awareness and preparing citizens in Disaster Management Campaign.

Pulse Polio

We work with BMC to conduct Pulse Polio in various wards in Mumbai.

Waste Segregation and Recycle Project (Project in Pipeline)

Waste Segregating, Treating and recycling / up cycling waste involving the local community in the project.

Registration Number – (MH-1368, Public Trust No = 19282)

Date of Registration - 17/10/1996

PAN Card Number – (AABTT3316K)

Registration 12AA(l)(b)w.e.f. 1.4.2007

80G (Registration No 416635)