Thursday, October 10, 2013

Composting routine work start

October 10, 2013

Project: Waste Recycle with Community Participation
Location: Joseph Patel Wadi. Andheri West, Mumbai

Most equipment and tools required for basic composting work have been procured, routine composting work to start today.

Clearing area for first dump
Getting pre-segregated waste collected 
Cleaning and further segregating the waste into dry and wet
Preparing compos-table wet waste for composting
Adding magic powder

Fogging the compost 
(twice a day or on need basis.. just make sure it is moist)
not too wet otherwise it will give a stink.

Repeat of rotation every 4 days
The compost temperature will rise 
Compost will be ready in 30 to 40 days depending upon few conditions
Harvest the compost into Ventilated Compost Bins 
Keep the compost till the temperature of compost is normal room temperature

What a day...! That was fun and lot of feel good factor.

Clearing the area for first dump

Weighing pre-segregated waste collected 

Accumulating waste got from different places

One of the waste dumps collected from locality temple

Cleaning the waste

Dry Waste Removed 1 (Plastic, Decoration material from garlands) 

Dry Waste Removed (Plastic, Bottles, Scrap metal 2)

Clean Dump that can be decomposed

Magic Potion.. for the compost