Monday, April 14, 2014

From Waste to Garden Campaign to Create Garden May 1st 2014

From Waste to Organic Nursery

Sapling Plantation and awareness Campaign

Objective: To create a self Sustainable Nursery for Organic Plants and Waste Recycle Unit.
Date: May 1st 2014.
Timings: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.
Location: Josep Patel Wadi,Seven Bunglows, Andheri West,  5 minutes walk from Versova Welfare School along same lane (Map given at bottom of page).

Scope of Campaign: May 1st, 2014. We plan to plant around 40 to 50 Saplings’ on this date. These saplings would be of Herbs and Plants like (Tulsi; Lemon Tea Grass; Vegetable Climbers like (beans, Mayalu etc); Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta) etc). Flowering shrubs (selected shrubs the flowers that can be used in Puja).

Support Required: Volunteers; Saplings of plants requested above; Snack / Water for the volunteers.

 We plan to create a Plant Nursery at Waste Recycle site located at Joseph Patel Wadi; Near Seven Bunglows. This Garden would be created with support of local residents living at Josep Patel Wadi strongly supported by Children's group who are part of "Trishul Learning Centre", Women Empowerment Cell at "Trishul Learning Centre" and Local Youth from Joseph Patel Wadi. Any individuals interested in supporting the cause of Waste Recycle cause are welcome to support the campaign.

We will also seek support from Local Ward BMC; and other NGOs working in neighboring area; 

Contacts to register as volunteer or for contributions: 
M. Asif - 9619182010 / Lopa 9821694994

The Nursery garden will have plants like vegetables (climbers); Herbs; Shrubs; beside flower plants. We plan to involve Children and Women from Trishul Learning Centre (Children’s wing and Women Empowerment Wing) to start participate in the project. These Women and Children are from local slum, hence will encourage active local voluntary participation. We plan to use the compost generated at site to build the Nursery and Vegetable Garden at the site. These vegetables; Nursery Plants and flower plant will be used for captive consumption and/or also available for commercial sale.  

Maximum capacity of  waste that can be collected at the waste recycle site is: 500 KGs per week or 2 Tons per month.

Plan is to install two waste collection bins at compost treatment site to encourage voluntary deposit of waste cut vegetables and flowers at the site. Infected waste will not be dumped in the area as the composting area is very near to residential colonies. 

Read on to Location map..