Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trishul - April to July 2015

Sharing few moments

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Start of New Term for 

Trishul Learning Center (TLC)
Trishul Women Empowerment Program (TWEP)

Start of new term TLC and TWEP 

Core Team Members for TLC
1) M. Asif - Overall Project Head
2) Pompa Mehrotra - Hon. Project Coordinator and Mentor

We also welcome new Team Members for TLC and TWEP

1) Ms. Hannah (Language Teacher)
2) Ms. Madhuri (Math and Science Teacher) 
3) Ms. Monica (Art Teacher and Asst. Teacher cum NGO Executive)
4) Mr. Gajananrao Patil (Intern Coordinator for Trishul)
5) Ms. Priyanka Ashok Lokhande (NGO Coordinator)

Core Team Members for TWEP

1) Lopamudra - Overall Project Head
2) Nandini Vanzara - Hon. Project Coordinator and Mentor; R&D etc.
3) Pompa Mehrotra - Core Team Member and Mentor; Volunteer.
4) Bindhu Unny - Core Team Member and Mentor; Volunteer.
5) Pranita Patil - Trainer and Volunteer; Handicraft Expert
6) Eerina Das - Traininer and Handicraft Expert
7) Lubna Zohar Ali - Handicraft Expert and Volunteer

Support Team

1) Deepali Mathur
2) Veena Sangli
3) Shompa Mehrotra
4) Shilpa Mistry
5) Sameer Mistry
6) Harshita 
7) Tappan Bannerjee
8) Ajay Burman
9) Dnyanesh Golatkar
10) Mahesh Shinde
11) Yugandhar Madidi

Activities for the month of May and June 2015

Finalise and Formalize paperwork for New Terms for TLC and TWEP
Procurement of Furnitures; Stationery etc
Communication and Awareness Program at Joseph Patel Wadi abour TLC and TWEP
Inauguration of TWEP and TLC
Orientation on TWEP to batch 1 of Women Empowerment Members
Warli Painting Art Workshop for TWEP
English Language Workshop for TWEP Women

Regular Sessions started at TLC on the following topics:
1) Math
2) Science
3) English Language
4) Learning Life Skills with Activities and Games
5) Self Study Session
6) Art Session

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Inauguration of new TWEP Centre and Orientation on TWEP

Learning with Activity
Math - Class in Progress

Language Class in Progress