Sunday, June 25, 2017

Life is a game plate full of choices

Life is a game plate full of choices and we make them every day. Some easy, some difficult we always have to make one. 

So did I. I dropped off from school to pursue my passion for tailoring. I always had a strong desire that one day I will share my creativity and showcase it to the entire world. 

Tailoring is the source of my vivid ideas, today I don't regret making this tough choice because "I love what I do". The best day of my life would be the day I have my own designing shop and I'll design for all my loving aunties. Hope this progressing bridge lands me to my passion soon.

I believe we all find what makes us happy and confident we just need to seek for it and never stop unless found.

Interviewed and edited by: Anushree Gaigore (an intern at Trishul NGO)

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