Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tree Plantation

Adopt Trees and Plants Program

Trishul (NGO) has started TRISHUL PLANT AND ADOPT TREES (PAT) Program. Corporate; Students; Groups; Individuals are invited to be part of this program, we will also be conducting Nature Cleanup Drives removing waste like plastic; paper from the eco-sensitive regions that will help in Environment Conservation. We will also be carefully selecting only local Indian Forest; Fruits and Medicinal Trees/Shrubs for Tree Plantation Program.

You can be either part of Tree Plantation Program where you may sponsor cost of one or more sapling planting and also be part of planting it. You also have an option to adopt the Trees and help in taking care of it. 

Help Rural Livelihood Generation This program will also help local rural economy of Adivasi (tribals) and Rural Population as they will be directly involved in taking care of the saplings and will also benefit from the forest products like fruits etc. 

We will be geographically tagging each saplings; and monitoring the progress / success of the Trishul Go-Green Program (TGP). 

For details inquire with us at: 
WhatsApp: 9619182010