Monday, May 25, 2020

Volunteer - Madras Christian College

Students of Madras Christian CollegeKodhai Ramalingam, K. Keerthana successfully completely their internship with Trishul.

When I met these two Tamil girls from Chennai on the day one of routine Introduction and Induction session; I though these English speaking girls would face serious language barrier if they were to teach children from Marathi Medium school and work with women from TWEP team, as they did not know even a word of Hindi and Marathi language. But Kodhai and Keerthana proved me wrong from day one as their smiles; happy body language and positive attitude helped them jell very well with both children and women. Over the period girls picked up few Marathi and Hindi vocabulary from children  and Women; Marathi medium children too started conversing with them in English which helped them improve their communication skills in that language.

Kodhai and Keerthana helped smaller children  with their academics and art craft; played games; danced with them; the children had loads of fun. These girls always took initiative and never said no to any request for any volunteering opportunity. They also helped in back office work at TWEP; volunteered for manning Exhibition Stalls for Women Empowerment Product Sales at Corporate NGO Mela.

during Good Bye and Certificate ceremony ... 

Back office work for Trishul NGO

Helping children with Academics and Art / Craft

Managing Stall at Exhibition cum Sales at a Corporate NGO Event

at Dental Health Check up and Awareness Camp